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The Associated Press

Surveillance tape breeds false fraud claims in Georgia

Footage of ballot processing on election night in Atlanta fueled a false social media narrative of "suitcases filled with ballots" tallied without supervision, even as officials confirmed nothing was awry.

Posts falsify ties between election tech firm and Democrats

In the wake of the U.S. presidential election, social media users interpreted a clerk's error in a small, Republican-leaning county as vote rigging by Dominion Voting Systems. Wild theories spiraled from there.

Officials battle online misinformation along with wildfires

Emergency responders in the Pacific Northwest fought misinformation along with raging wildfires as people spread unsubstantiated social media posts blaming extremists for the fires.

Baseless Wayfair child trafficking theory spreads online

Self-proclaimed internet sleuths matched up the names of Wayfair products to those of missing children in a baseless conspiracy theory that overran social media and a national trafficking hotline.


Epstein philanthropy since sex plea included all-girl school

An AP investigation revealed that in the decade since his required registration as a sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein sought to underwrite all manner of youth causes, including an all-girls' school in Manhattan.

Florida sheriff to investigate Epstein's work release

A deputy who was assigned to guard Jeffrey Epstein told the AP he remembered young women visiting, and records show Epstein returned to his Palm Beach mansion several times while in jail.

Librarians facing new tasks say crisis isn't in the catalog

As librarians contended with a surge in patrons experiencing homelessness, drug use or mental illness, some felt unprepared to take on new responsibilities.

Fans celebrate World Cup champs, rally for equal pay

A ticker-tape parade ran through lower Manhattan to celebrate the U.S. women's national soccer team.

We have a wiener! Joey Chestnut eats 71 hot dogs for title

The reigning winner held onto his title in the annual hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.

Phoenix New Times

Deployed, Then Deported: How a US Navy Vet From Phoenix was Exiled to Mexico

Alex Murillo served his country. Then he was kicked out.

Marijuanopoly: Inside the High Risk, High Reward Game of Arizona's Pot Industry

Arizona's cannabis industry is a strategic game — with huge payouts.

Arpaio Leads in Sheriff's Race Cash, But Just 1 in 8 of His Donors Are Arizonans 

Former Joe Arpaio wants his old job back. (Part 1 in a three-part series — part 2 here, part 3 here)


'I'm Not Finished With You': Court Documents Allege Cop Preyed on Female Drivers

The trooper held women at traffic stops and asked them what they were “willing to do” to stay out of jail, according to court documents.

Trump Lingers on Past Wins, Taunts Future Opponents at Phoenix Rally

Trump spent his Phoenix visit touting his successes, patting Republican allies on the back and and poking fun at his Democratic rivals.

Mike Pence Courts Support from Arizona's Latino Community Amid Impeachment Probe

The vice president boasted of economic gains among the Latino community in Arizona as an impeachment inquiry charged on in Washington.


Phoenix's Stressed 911 Operators Say They Need More Than a 'Quiet Room'

The Phoenix Police Department unveiled a "Quiet Room" for 911 dispatchers to unwind — but employees say their staffing shortage is the bigger problem.

Phoenix's Homeless Fight for New Policy on Sleeping Outside, Per Ruling

A 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals ruling means Phoenix's homeless should be allowed to sleep outside without fear of repercussions. City policy doesn't yet reflect that.


Iraq War Vet Suddenly Deported After Being Granted Temporary Reprieve in Arizona

ICE officials deported Jose Segovia-Benitez overnight, before his lawyer arrived for a scheduled visit.


Phoenix Set to Pay Up to $2M to Family of Stabbed Man Who Died Waiting on EMTs

The suit refers to footage of officers joking around and “blowing bubbles with their chewing gum” while Fitzpatrick bled to death just inside the house.


Stuck in the Past: Valley Lags Behind Other Urban Areas on Safe Needle Disposal

It's a lose-lose decision: Carry needles and risk a felony conviction, or dispose of them improperly, putting the public at risk.


Arizona Woman Detained in China for Third Straight Month With Little Explanation

Sue Jiang has been in a Shanghai prison for nearly three months. Her family and friends in Arizona are still looking for answers.


Los Angeles Times


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